50’s House Wife

My name is Todd. I am a ‘Middle America’, male W.A.S.P. who is much closer to forty than thirty. I married my college girlfriend, Lynn, who is three years my senior, when I was just under twenty. I got my degree, got a job and started a family soon after.

This means, including premarital, Lynn and I have spent over two decades having sex. As any newlywed can tell you, all you need for the first couple years is two naked bodies. As the years go by you gain a comfort and familiarity with your partner if you work at it, but sometimes the cost is losing the early excitement and mystery. I however am greedy and wanted it all.

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My Insane First Orgasm After My Divorce

So I’m 34, I was married 10 years and I’ve been divorced for 2. This story won’t be as graphic as some others and I’m hoping the other ladies here especially appreciate what I was feeling at the time!! Basically the last few years of my marriage just weren’t very intimate for many reasons but I just wasnt sexually satisfied and after awhile it was obvious that sex (and other things) would never improve and I was unhappy. We split for a lot of reasons but I’m not here to babble about just that!!

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